Queen of the crystal rays


Experience a brand new, fun fresh online casino game from a brand new producer! Once again known as Queen of the Crystal Rays, this free online casino game transports you into a magical realm, enveloped in shimmering crystals and overflowing with fortune-giving potential. This game can be played by individuals of all ages, and is a great way to spend a day or two at home! Queen of the Crystal Rays is an online casino game that combines the best of the traditional slots and video poker games, to offer a truly unique gaming experience for its players.

This casino game features a unique, exciting design that challenges you to come up with winning combinations every time you place your bet. It’s easy to see why Queen of the Crystal Rays is so much in demand; it’s fun, challenging and it offers a chance to win great amounts of money. If you like the look and sound of a 50 pays layout then you’ll love Queen of the Crystal Rays!

The goal of the game is simple; draw a direct line between two adjacent crystals on the grid to indicate which one you want to cash in. There are no special icons to represent the different coins or items on the screen, and the colors on the reels tend to stay consistently bright even when the queen that lies in front of you is not the winning combination. The coins you win will return to the bowl after each winning combination is revealed, and the game ends when the amount of coins on the floor equals the total number of pairs that have been won. Queen of the Crystal Rays is a totally new online slot game that gives you the chance to win real money in a fun and exciting new online casino game.