5 Best Online Casino Games for UK Players in 2020

Playing the best and high-end casino games for UK players can be a lot of fun and rewarding. Some of them are games of luck, like lottery titles and slot machines, while others need some winning strategies, like most traditional casino games.

Whatever casino game you prefer, there are top options that would bring you the best entertainment and possible rewards. If it's your first time playing in an online casino, here are some well-known casino games for UK players in 2020.

#1. Starburst Slot: Arcade-Themed Slot with High Jackpot Prizes

casino games for UK players starburst

Slots are super fun and rewarding. It’s also among the simplest casino games to play and usually comes in a wide variety of titles for endless options. It is why it’s not surprising that a slot machine is one of the most famous games for UK players, especially Starburst.

This arcade-themed video slot machine is exceptionally vibrant, adding to its enticing features. It's also a high-paced casino game, giving you a consistently thrilling experience.

#2. Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot: Sparkly Aesthetics, Progressive Prizes

casino games for UK players mega fortune

Slot machines are one of the best ways to win the high amounts of money at online casinos, especially if you go for progressive jackpots. In this category, UK players pick the luxurious and glitzy vibe of the Mega Fortune slot.

Aside from its sparkly aesthetic, Mega Fortune also features a brilliant jackpot offer, the largest one you can find for UK gamblers. There are also free spin bonuses, multipliers, and two local jackpots if you're not the luckiest today.

#3. Craps: Looks Complicated but Has a Low House Edge

casino games for UK players craps

Craps may look a bit complicated, but it’s super thrilling to play with its many betting styles on offer. It’s one of the best casino games for UK players if you prefer table games over slots. There are also several bets with low house advantages, boosting your odds of winning against the casino.

#4. Casino Hold’em: Best Poker Variety to Win Against the House

casino games for UK players hold'em

Poker is another popular option in the casino’s table game section. Most gambling sites even feature a dedicated section for its poker game variants, and there are countless of them. However, among the most popular poker games for UK players is Casino Hold’Em.

It's one of the most straightforward poker varieties, perfect for first-time casino gamblers. You can also play a virtual Casino Hold'em or live one, where you play against a live dealer.

#5. Keno Casino Lottery Game: Get Up to 95% RTP Rate

casino games for UK players keno

Specialty games or lottery games take another section of the casino, and one of the widely played titles for UK players in this category is Keno.

It's because Keno has one of the highest RTP, which can reach up to 95%,  compared to other lottery games. The fact that Keno is a straightforward game also works to its advantage.

You can experience the thrill of casino games if you are from the UK. Once you find a legit and secure gambling site, you can quickly check out some of these casino games for UK players.

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